• February 18, 2024

Why do fans believe that the 1987 Mike Tyson would defeat the 2019 Deontay Wilder?

Fans believe that the 1987 Mike Tyson would defeat the 2019 Deontay Wilder for a good reason. Tyson earned the nickname ‘Baddest Man on the Planet,’ and his reputation as a fierce and dominant boxer made him a favorite among boxing enthusiasts in a hypothetical matchup against Deontay Wilder.

The Boxing Hall of Fame Twitter account conducted a poll, asking fans to choose the winner between Tyson in 1987 and Wilder in 2019. However, it appears that not many people backed the undefeated American, indicating a widespread belief in Tyson’s abilities to emerge victorious in such a fantasy bout.

It’s evident that fans were not just dismissive but strongly opinionated in favor of Mike Tyson when asked about the hypothetical match against Deontay Wilder. Many fans expressed outrage at the question, firmly believing that Wilder would have no chance against the formidable Tyson.

Some of the responses were quite extreme, using hyperbolic language to illustrate their confidence in Tyson’s abilities. One fan humorously remarked that Wilder wouldn’t even make it to the year 2020 if he faced Tyson. Another person suggested that Tyson would defeat Wilder with ease, using vivid imagery to emphasize the one-sided nature of the bout.

The overwhelming sentiment was that Tyson’s ferocity and skill in the ring were on another level, and Wilder would stand no chance against him. Fans regarded Tyson as an unstoppable force, referring to him as an “animal” in the ring, further solidifying their belief in his superiority over Wilder.

These additional tweets show a different perspective from some fans who believe that the outcome of a hypothetical match between Mike Tyson and Deontay Wilder might not be as one-sided as others think:

One fan argued that Tyson’s previous fights, including some that went the distance, suggest that a quick knockout is not guaranteed, and Wilder’s powerful right hand could potentially be a game-changer in the match.

Another fan claimed that Tyson’s opponents before facing notable contenders were not impressive, and he was exposed when he faced a tough opponent. This fan believes that Wilder would easily knock out Tyson.

Deontay Wilder, left, knocks down Dominic Breazeale during the first round of the WBC heavyweight championship boxing match Saturday, May 18, 2019, in New York. Wilder won in the first round. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

A third fan believes that Wilder has the endurance to go the distance, similar to other fighters like Tucker, Ruddock, and Tillis, who all managed to last the full duration of their fights with Tyson. They also praise Wilder’s grit and heart, considering him a warrior compared to some of Tyson’s previous opponents who they believe lacked courage.

These tweets highlight the contrasting opinions among boxing fans regarding the potential outcome of a bout between the two fighters, with some emphasizing Wilder’s strengths and Tyson’s past challenges. This debate reflects the unpredictability and excitement that fantasy matchups can generate among fans.

The fourth fan made a valid point, emphasizing Deontay Wilder’s physical advantages over Mike Tyson. With a significant height and reach advantage, a strong chin, and powerful punching ability, Wilder is no pushover in the ring, making him a formidable opponent even against a prime Tyson.

As of the given information, Wilder holds the WBC heavyweight title and is scheduled to defend it in a rematch against Luis Ortiz. Additionally, a highly anticipated fight with Tyson Fury is also in the works for early 2020, which could potentially be a massive showdown in the heavyweight division.

On the other hand, Andy Ruiz Jr and Anthony Joshua are gearing up for their rematch on December 7th, aiming to unify three of the four major heavyweight titles. The hope is that eventually, all four heavyweight titles will be unified, leading to a historic and thrilling era in the division.

The heavyweight boxing landscape seems promising and full of exciting matchups, giving fans plenty to look forward to in the coming months and years.

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