• May 18, 2024

You definitely won’t My tears when witnessing the heartbreaking sight of the poor dog desperately chasing the rescue convoy, pleading for help.

In recent days, a series of photos depicting a dog enthusiastically chasing after a group of soldiers on patrol, seemingly asking to “join” them, has taken social networking forums by storm. The images have quickly gone viral in various countries, including Korea, Japan, Thailand, and even Vietnam. Netizens worldwide are intrigued by the heartwarming story behind this captivating moment.

Over the past few days, a series of photos featuring a dog chasing a group of soldiers on patrol, seemingly eager to “join” them, has taken social networking forums by storm. The images have rapidly gone viral in several countries, including Korea, Japan, Thailand, and even Vietnam. Netizens from around the world are captivated by this heartwarming moment and are eagerly seeking the story behind it.

Some netizens have shared their own interpretations of the story, speculating that the dog may have been a stray wandering the streets. Upon seeing the passing army, the dog instinctively started following them, as if it wanted to participate in their mission. This interpretation suggests that the dog’s actions may be driven by a natural instinct to assist or be a part of a group.

Indeed, according to information provided by the Los Tiempos page, these photos were fortunately captured by photographer Luis Fernando Chumacero on the streets of Tupiza, Bolivia during the quarantine period amid the epidemic. The vehicle seen in the photos was carrying soldiers on patrol, tasked with ensuring that people complied with the regulations in place at that time.

It turns out that the fawn dog, named Gorda, is not a stray but actually a pet residing in the barracks. Colonel Luis Pacheco, the Director of the Department Army Logistics IV, mentioned that each regiment adopts dogs who live alongside the soldiers, sharing their daily routines, meals, and training. Gorda holds the role of being the mascot for a specific division.

During the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, when the soldiers were conducting patrols to enforce safety measures, Gorda eagerly ran after them. Witnessing his “brother’s” enthusiasm to join them, the soldiers in the vehicle decided to pick him up and allow him to accompany them. This heartwarming moment was fortunately captured by the photographer’s lens, leading to its viral spread on social media.

It’s fascinating to learn that as Gorda entered the car, another gray dog named Multicam also rushed over, expressing a desire to join them. Multicam serves as the mascot for another division within the army. This additional canine companion adds an extra layer of charm to the already heartwarming story. The bond and camaraderie between these two loyal mascots highlight the special connection they share with their respective divisions.

It’s not surprising that the image of the two dogs has garnered attention and become a subject of photo manipulation across various forums. Whether netizens are aware of the true story behind the photos or not, one thing is clear: both dogs are undeniably adorable. Their presence has brought joy and uplifted spirits, providing a much-needed source of happiness during the challenging and stressful times of the epidemic season. The ability of these canine companions to bring comfort and smiles to people serves as a testament to the power of animals in brightening our lives, even in the midst of difficult circumstances.

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